Benefits of Massage Therapy


The reason most people get massage is because they know how wonderful it is to have their muscles worked on. Our muscles are tired and sore and to have them kneaded like bread dough is soothing and relaxing. It takes us to a new plane of existence, a new Zen state. It is just nice to be cared for, nurtured and touched.


The health reasons too are many. Massage and body work restore bodily function and structure. We are able to increase our range of motion and movement. We can move easier after a massage. With frequent massage, our bodies start to stand tall. Our gait becomes quicker. Balance comes back and all of a sudden we are bouncing along instead of plodding along.


Massage and bodywork are the ancient foundations of healing all around the world, from the Roman Empire to the Middle East and the Asian continent. It is just natural when we hurt to touch.


Massage takes away our pain and restores our body in many ways. It relaxes us. It brings us peace. It teaches us stillness.


In addition, I think many of my clients come to me, because we develop long term relationships and I help heal in many ways.

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