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Orthopedic massage is my challenge and what keeps me ever fascinated about the human body.  There are over 600 muscles in our bodies and it is an ever learning experience to find ways to heal them all.   The goal of orthopedic massage is to help “normalize” the musculoskeletal body so that healing takes place, rather than just symptomatic relief.  I use a variety of techniques depending where on the body I am working and the type of pain. 

Deep tissue is not necessarily synonymous with deep pressure, but the goal is to separate the muscles that are stuck together. 

Trigger point therapy is a localized technique I use when I find  knots in the muscles and work them out with direct pressure.  

Muscle energy technique is used frequently when you have sharp pains, say in your shoulder joint, and the goal is to stretch the muscle while contracted which will realign collagen fibers. 

Wave mobilization is a Tai Chi based technique to relax and stretch the muscles by rocking the muscles in a wavelike motion. 

Pin and stretch is used to hold a part of the muscles in place while stretching the rest.  

Compression combined with fulling is a deep pressure massage used especially on areas that are often extremely tight, such as the hips and legs.


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