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Are you looking for a new massage therapist to help take you to your next step in body wellness?  I’d like to welcome you to my privately owned practice and tell you about what services I have to offer.


Whether you are looking for deep relaxation or muscular-skeletal healing, you have come to a place of unconditional positive regard, compassion and a genuine concern for your well being. As such, I offer three fundamental services at my practice.


Wellness Massage incorporates the Swedish style relaxation that many have become familiar with and continue to enjoy.  It is therapeutic, but the intention is to relax and de-stress.


Orthopedic Massage is an advanced set of modalities used to help restore the structural integration of the musculoskeletal system.  Though also relaxing, the intention is to release pain and adhesions, restore fiber alignment and bring fluidity to the body.


Mind-Body-Spirit Life Coaching is available to help those work on personal issues related to deep relaxation and releasing complex pain in their bodies.  The mind and body are intimately connected and I provide educational consultations and life coaching on how to learn to become more mindful and release pain.

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